Tuesday, 20 November 2012

More Carter

At this stage in the project, the overall layouts and imagery have been finalised, but there are 3 potential stylistic options for the final imagery: Handdrawn linework, Vector graphics or Inkwash drawings.
The ink drawings were definitely the first intended final images, but the simplicity of the line images is much clearer to read. Unfortunately they're not as clean as the vector graphics, but the latter have a stale quality to them.
I'm not sure I really like the way this project is panning out.
In addition to the images, I drew out some hand-rendered lettering for the story to be written in. The one I chose is based on ornate, slightly gothic-looking serif typefaces I looked at.

The lengthy passages mean I had to convert the letters into an actual font, so I could just type out what was needed, rather than assemble it by hand. It's called CarterScript and it's not a functional typeface, per se, more just a means of creating large volumes of readily formatted words in the letters for me to edit.


Examples of the vector versions of the scene elements I'm using to illustrate the story.