Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Spiel Updates

It has been some time since I first spoke of my work on the new website for Spielplatz. It took a considerable amount of time for me to receive the go-ahead on the site, and once I did I was incapacitated with illness for a couple of weeks.
Nonetheless I am now full steam ahead with the project.

Unfortunately for me, I cannot seem to build the ideas that are within my head. The current version of the site-in-progress follows the initial plan I drew up well enough, but it doesn't match the vision in my mind.
I'm not sure as yet how I'm going to get there. But I shall try.

I also have very limited resources and a completely open brief as regards what is required. I am literally making decisions as wild stabs in the dark with the hope that what I produce will please the client. It doesn't please me, though.
Having said that, as I include more elements into the skeleton it starts to look less heinous and more like a proper website.

The unfortunate fact that a lot of it is feed-based means I'm hovering around deciding whether or not to just build the feeds myself and hand over the keys, or leave them open ready to discuss the idea with the client.
At the moment the homepage has a Yahoo news feed as a placeholder for Spielplatz event updates.

The iffy skeleton of a website I could one day not despise.
 I don't know why it's so green. I think I was going for "verdant". I might swap it to something more neutral. But I'm afraid the client will think it's "bland". "Interesting" and "exciting" were the closest to instructions I got. Also a tour of naturism websites.
Of course you remember the hideous yellow of the current website... I really hope I don't have to do it that colour.