Tuesday, 17 September 2013


I was recently presented with the opportunity to redesign the official website for Spielplatz, a naturist community residence in Hertfordshire. The existing design left little to be desired - a basic Wordpress template layout, haphazardly thrown together:

The original website design, in all it's limited glory.
After an initial meeting with the site's webmaster - wherein we discussed the shortfalls of the current layout and compared it the websites of competing UK naturist clubs - I laid out some preliminary ideas and notions.
I drew up a basic layout plan for the homepage (which will also be used as a template for subsequent pages) and investigated the feasibility of some of the proposals.

Annotated layout design for the new homepage
Proposed features of the new design include: a large carousel gallery showcasing the surroundings at the grounds, a feed-based event widget showing the latest upcoming event being held, drop-down menu navigation buttons, more prominent location details and integrated feeds covering news, events, photos and properties for sale - each of which should be updateable independantly of the main site itself (not pictured).

At this stage I am awaiting feedback on these initial designs before I progress to further page design and a prototype build.